Show Me The Money

How much will this sell for???

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. How much would you be willing to pay for gently worn items like yours? Most of our items are priced about 1/3 of retail (66% off retail). Retail price usually means the MSRP, but for items that are more common in discount stores than department stores we adjust that retail starting value accordingly.

We obviously want to make as much money for your items as possible, but with over 22,000 consignors we do not have the luxury of letting items sit and wait for that perfect person to walk in and LOVE that unconventional item priced for top dollar. Our goal is to sell all of your consignable items quickly at a fair price. We mark down items, put out coupons, have sales and in store specials to facilitate a quick sale of all of our items based on need during each season.

By consigning items with us, you are saving yourself time and the frustration of TRYING to sell them online or at a garage sale. You are taking advantage of our pleasing retail environment, knowledgeable sales staff, and extensive customer base. Because let’s face it: you’re not selling items as a means to quit your job, but more likely you are freeing up space in the closet.

Our Recommendation: Hang on to any item that has sentimental value or things that you might expect a certain rate for. BUT if your closet is overflowing with items you haven’t worn in a season, make room for new ones! Bring us your Cute, Clean, and Current clothing and accessories that retailed for at least $30. You’ll come back in a few weeks and collect your found money. Who knows, you might spend your account balance on great pieces from other sellers with good taste. Your unsold items will go to charity after the consignment period and you can pick up a receipt for the tax man.